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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Podcast - First Impressions

I say "you know" an awfully lot. Will have to work on that.

The Other Gods

Partial Reading of "The Other Gods"

Partial because my phone died on me due to the bad weather. The last part is static, so feel welcomed to stop the recording there. I will try recording it again later tonight. From the short story The Other Gods by A.D. Barncord (Doerr). Read by the same. Free for the listening.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006


This is going to be my podcasting blog. I'll add RSS feed information and such later. Enjoy!

The Conclusion

Final musings.

The Early Social Life of a Female Geek

My social interactions and school life.

The State of the Geek

My current geekness and attitudes reviewed.

The Literary Geek in Me

My favorite shows and books growing up.

Home Computers

Some ramblings about earlier computers and my current dependence on the Internet. I was getting really dizzy again, so I took more medicine and went back to bed.

My Teenage Geekdom

Our Apple 2C+ and my rant about the interview I had with Personal Computing when I was 16. Still pissed about that.

Being the Daughter of a Systems Analyst

Being a systems analyst's daughter, our first home computer and playing "The Collosal Cave".

The early childhood of a female geek.

For a matter of accuracy, I was attending tap dancing classes when I got pnuemonia. The ballet classes were the year before.

My Geek Heritage

BTW, the rings were plastic not magnetic. The tapes they protected were magnetic. I was running a fever, people, deal with it.